I’ve decided to once again experiment with blogging. I can guarantee this will be a largely irregular occurrence, and I have no desire or intention of any kind of sustained writing campaign or schedule. I don’t care about tagging or categorizing or SEO or any of that stuff. Rather, occasionally I feel the need to write just to get stuff out of my head or to play around with it, and right now I feel like blogging might be a good outlet for that kind of stuff.

I also don’t necessarily care about engaging in discussions or anything like that, at least not on this blog. That said, I will probably set up an IFTTT recipe to automatically push this stuff out to Facebook, and if there’s a discussion there, that’s probably a great place for it. If you run across this and aren’t friends with me on Facebook, look me up.

Hopefully this will be interesting to you. Email me if you have any questions. Thanks!