Simple but Effective – “Days From” Calculator

I have the soul of an entrepreneur. Sadly – or perhaps not – I’ve had to learn how to be an entrepreneur by trial-and-error. My first ever effort was called “”, and I’ll probably write more about it later. But what inspired me to post today was that I dusted off a quick-and-dirty little tool I basically wrote for myself and then published through PeachForms as a free tool.

The problem to be solved is that I often find myself needing to count days so I can figure out when a deadline is. To pick a common example, usually I get 30 days to respond to a motion, starting with the date of service as “day zero”, and then I get an extra 3 days if the motion is served by regular mail (which is typical). So with this tool, I can type in the date of service and calculate the 33rd day after that date, and then I’m a button-click away from the answer to my question.

That tool is now available here, for free, just like when it was on PeachForms. Check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks!